Friday, July 1, 2011

It's a Holiday Feeding Frenzy!

   Happy early 4th everyone!  I know I am really looking forward to a nice holiday weekend with friends and lots of food.  I think I can only think of one "person" who may not be...and that's our pup, Bugsy.  He's not such a big fan of this holiday in particular.  I'm sure you can imagine why (Psssst...fireworks!!).  Yeah, he hates them, it makes me not like them so much either.  That's sad, because I used to love them.  I guess that's what you do for your kids, you have to hate the things that scare them and protect them, right?!?
   So, to comfort him, I think I will drop some food under the picnic table where he will be cowering likely all weekend.  Hope your four-legged friends do okay and are ready to celebrate some Independence!!  Let's take some time to celebrate some Independent restaurants and breweries while we're at it :)

The Date Place

   While I am thinking about this weekend's breakfast, I'm pretty sure we are going to end up at Long's again because a couple of our friends visiting town will insist...okay twist my arm!  So, since I just blogged about Long's last Friday, I want to tell you about our Friday date night dinner last week.  We hit up Mesh on Massachusetts Ave., which was actually planned AND reserved by Hubs.  Whoa!!!  I do love that!

   I am really starting to like Mass Ave.  The more I explore it, the better it gets...but I am sure many of you already know that.  I apologize for my newbiness shining through.  Okay, moving on.  Aside from the awesome location of Mesh, it is quite a swanky place. The thing we really liked about it is that it is a far cry from Broad Ripple anywhere.  Now, that's not good or bad, it just nice to have different sometimes and to feel like a grown-up.  Mesh is cool without feeling stuffy in my opinion.  You can get a little dressed up and have a martini and not feel out of place.  The clientele and the inside are Indy fabulous.  ALSO, they have a $2 drink menu from 3-6, so a great place for happy hour if you are into that.    We didn't hit up happy hour on our visit, but it seems like that might be a good idea in the very near future.


   In the spirit of smaller portion-sizes, we decided not to order an appetizer.  It's hard to do when they all look so good, but we avoided.  The menu is full of your gourmet American treats, steaks, fish, some vegetarian options.  They get a little creative with the sides and the preparation of the entrees.

For example, Hubs chose to get the asian short ribs accompanied by spicy pickled cucumber and onion, over sticky rice and topped with a roasted garlic rangoon and drizzled over that and on the plate for a delicious-looking presentation, a soy caramel sauce.  Hmmm...interesting.  I apologize for the grainy photo, it's difficult to be inconspicuous while snapping shots at restaurants!  You bloggers know what I'm talking about!

Hubs was pretty happy with his choice, it certainly looks amazing.  We were also pleasantly held over with some soft and garlicky bread.  So, when our dinner came, we weren't famished, but ready to enjoy it.  He mentioned that it tasted great and he loved the interesting soy caramel addition, but that the sticky rice might have been a bit much.  Not that it was bad, but that it was quite heavy and there was a lot of it.  Otherwise, a good meal and a very decent portion.  He was member of the CPC (Clean plate case you didn't play that game as a kid!).

   I actually had quite a difficult time deciding, but I of course was happy to ponder over a cocktail and some bread...yum.

   The bread was served with simple olive oil and red pepper for dipping, which sounds like no biggie, but I have never had that before.  It was a great color and tasted really good.  I love these little details that just make it slightly different and the restaurant claims it as their own!  Good job and with a little kick and a zing too.
   After contemplating the menu for long enough, I finally made a decision.  The Millers Farm Amish Chicken.  I have not even mentioned yet, but Mesh also uses local foods at their establishment, so kudos to them for that.  You don't have to be hippy dippy anymore to get in on this trend.  I love it, and I love to support it, especially since I bring the hippy dippy wherever I my heart anyway!

   I normally don't order chicken out.  It just seems not very exciting, but the goat cheese raviolis enticed me to make an exception.  I'm really glad I did because this whole combo really hit the spot.  I'm getting hungry just thinking about it.  So, we had chicken breasts over goat cheese ravioli, caponata, spinach, arugula and fresh cut parmesan.  Again, a wonderful plating, but I didn't have much to complain about.  Everything was really good, from the goat cheese and pine nuts in the pasta to the tomatoes that were so sweet and delicious I had to make Hubs try one!  Really, they were so good...sweet like a dessert.  This was an A+ meal for me.

  Remember how I mentioned portion size?  Yeah, that all goes down the drain when the dessert menu is mentioned, right?  Especially when the rest of my meal is so good, I just want to see what else they have up their sleeves.  Fried Apple and Cranberry Pie...E-nuf said.  Now, look and drool.  So ridiculously decadent.

The wrap up

   So, that was that.  I had a good experience here.  I love the location and I think they even have an outdoor seating section in the back.  I should've checked it out further, but that would only be a bonus.  We will definitely be eating here again.  Oh yeah, on top of a good food experience, the service was really great.  They were very attentive and concerned about our enjoyment at the restaurant and of the food.  Can't ask for much more than that if you ask me...did you ask?  Well, I forced you to take my opinion if you have read this far into my post :)
   Happy, Happy 4th of July!!  Please have fun and be safe.  And give your pups some love for me!!

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