Saturday, March 19, 2011

Jockamo Upper Crust Pizza - Historic Irvington

Erin's Rating: ★★★

Friday night is date night at our house.  It's a way to get out of the house and we usually try to go to a new restaurant.  We go all over the city, we follow the smell of food...and our GPS (Madge), because most of the time we have no idea where we are going!!  She gets us close enough for our noses to close in on the place.
Last night we ventured to Historic Irvington, which we haven't been to yet.  It was dark, which is always a tricky when trying to get the real feel of a place.  From what I could tell, it's a cute little area with a small block of storefronts and restaurants and, of course, a Starbucks.  There are more Starbucks in Indianapolis than anywhere else I have ever lived!!  Not a bad night out weather-wise, but not too many people around, it seemed a little quiet.

Jockamo Upper Crust Pizza was our destination on this full moon night after a referral from one of Hubs' co-workers.   I have to admit, I wasn't really in the mood for pizza and the chimp with the top hat kinda freaks me out.

Inside, we didn't have to wait for too long, which is always a bonus.  There was a wide variety of people and some pretty cool local art on the walls.  We particularly liked the boston terrier in a jailbird suit! Hubs and I are fans of local restaurants that display transitioning works of local artists, it just seems to fit and gives you something interesting to check out during dinner.  Good or bad, they are conversation pieces!
Obviously, we ordered pizza!!  The menu had some pretty cool pizza options, a little different from your everyday pizza joint.  You have to appreciate mixing things up, but for me you have to be careful with pizza.  I prefer a nice good cheese pizza with artichokes and ricotta...keep it simple.  However, when in Rome!  They had kind of a cool option, which was half and half of any of their crazy pizza topping choices.

Hubs Choice (Wowsers!  That's alotta toppings!!)
CREOLE: We start with a chessy etoufee sauce from Papa Roux's Restaurant, and Eastside original at 10th and Post Road.  We add green pepper, tomato and your choice of crawfish, shrimp or authentic smoked cajun sausage from Vaucresson fine foods in New Orleans, and finish it off with Papa's own cajun spice mix.  No cheese. 

My choice (Yum, ricotta):
CHEESE LOUISE: Cheddar, ricotta, parmesan, mozzarella, gouda, red onion and bacon.

So, my verdict on the was just okay.  I wasn't a huge fan of the crust, and I think that the crust, much like the bread on a good sandwich, can make or break the pizza.  I would say overall, the crust kinda broke it for me, it was a bit tasteless.  Hubs thought it was okay, he did appreciate the creative toppings and it's certainly nice for a change not to have to eat my "boring" pizza if he didn't want to.  Points for the creative menu choices with a local flair and the local art, decent atmosphere, cute bar area, but definitely not my new favorite pizza joint.  For all you artichoke lovers (if there are others out there :)), they don't have artichokes as a topping on their menu...sad face.

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  1. I just wanted to drop by and say hi and welcome to Indianapolis and the Indy food blogging community. Indy really has a nice budding restaurant scene right now so it seems you've moved here at the right time. I'm looking forward to reading your blog and I wanted to say thanks for putting me in your blogroll.

    P.S. If you find yourself in Irvington again and you're in the mood for dome diner fare you might want to check out the Steer-In. It's got good local history and was featured on Diner's Drive-Ins and Dives.

  2. Thanks for the welcome, Brent! I have been having a LOT of fun eating my way around Indianapolis. It's been a great winter for it :) I just wish I had started blogging earlier because I have already been to a bunch of places that were so awesome. Guess I'll just have to revisit :) We'll definitely check out the Steer-In sometime...I love a good diner, and their website looks pretty sweet! Happy Blogging...


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