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Erin's rating:  ★★★★★

About the Place
If you have not been to Yats yet, there are three locations in Indy and one in Greenwood, go find one immediately!  This place is so awesome, and we actually eat here quite a bit.  In our few months in Indianapolis, this has been one of our staples. We try to go to different restaurants a lot because there are so many amazing ones to choose from, but you've gotta have your easy, go-to places that you can count on.
Hubs and I were talking about Gainesville, FL the other day (where we moved from) and all of our favorite places that we really miss there and trying to think of what we have replaced them with here.  Yats was all we could come up with.  We love it because it is simple, cheap ($12 for two meals + $3 to split dessert) and dang tasty food.  It's the place you go when you want to order chinese (you know how you are feeling on those nights!), but you want something more awesome than that.  We have been to two different locations, the one in BR and the on on Mass Ave.  They are both really cool with crazy, over-the-top New Orleans decor (seriously crazy!!, but I love it).  Both are really laid back, but something about the one in BR is pretty cozy.  I can't wait until warm weather to be able to sit outside on the patio and people watch over College Ave.

The seating area

Random decor :)

The ordering area and menu on the chalkboard

About the Food
Let me start by saying, the food ain't pretty.  No gourmet photos here.   Drinks are in styrofoam cups and you eat with plasticware.  Don't hate, just eat it!

Get it?  It was awesome...we ate the junk out of it!
Because, after you taste it, you will cease to care what it looks like.  I LOVE the chili cheese etoufee with crawfish.  It's a little spicy and very creamy, served over rice.  We order extra bread because dipping bread and soaking up the creaminess is a must...and the bread is it's own version of yum.  Maybe fighting for being the best part of the meal, but I am always partial to's weird, I know.
Hubs and I both ordered this yesterday.  Now, this isn't Hubs' normal order, he mixes it up more, but we went at a weird time and just so you can learn this lesson from us, if you don't get there at a decent hour, some of the entrees will be GONE!!  They run out, they just do.  The menu changes from day to day and what is there on that day is all you get.  So, check out the menu online and get there early if you want something specific (not that you won't find something else awesome if it's out).  And big bummer, you'd just have to go back another time if you miss it :)
Another important note about the food, which we didn't realize the first couple times we went, is that you can order a whole order, a half and half order (if you want to try some new options) or a half order.  I suggest a half order, because it's still a wicked huge amount of food and you want to make sure you have enough room for the Peanut Butta Pie (yeah, that's their words, not mine, but I embrace saying Butta for sure!).

It was soooooooooo good.  This is the first time I ordered it because I am always so full, but I wanted to be able to tell everyone about it.  Man, was that a great idea if I do say so myself?!?  It was really perfect for me.  The pie wasn't fluffy, it was quite dense, I actually had a hard time eating it with my plasticware!  It wasn't grainy though, like some PB treats can be, it was nice and smooth and not too overwhelmingly sweet.  It was finished with a chocolate graham cracker crust and an airy whipped topping drizzled with chocolate sauce.  It was definitely peanut buttery, so if that's not your thing, I think you should still try it!!  It's that good.  Also, for a place whose food is not so pretty, what a nice presentation in it's little styrofoam to-go box!

Eat at Yats!  Order at the counter, wait for 3 minutes and chow down.  You won't be sorry.

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