Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring has Sprung at Boogie Burger

Erin's Rating:  ★★★★ 1/2

It was an amazing day out yesterday and would couldn't think of a better thing to do than ride our bikes over to Boogie Burger in the BR and nosh on some burgers and fries.  Well, truthfully, I would've liked a cold, delicious sandwich, but we haven't found a good sandwich place yet.  That's always a tough find for me, I'm kinda picky about my sammiches :)  It's not that Boogie Burger isn't awesome, because it is, it was just super HOT out and it's hard to eat hot food in the hot sun, am I right?!?  Not that I'm complaining...I am soooooo not.  We were outside almost all day yesterday just enjoying the sun...we both got a little burned too.  No surprises from Hubs being so Gingerific and all.

The Place

So, delicious burgers and fries and some outdoor seating fun drew us in.

The current Boogie Burger location on Westfield Blvd. soon to be MOVING to a Broad Ripple Ave. location.  I am not sure whether this location will be closing completely, it is quite small, but really, really quaint and has character for a burger joint...and it's in the heart of the BR.  I'll update when I know more about that situation.  Right now, they sport a very tiny inside, lately with a line out the door for ordering.  Not a soul sits in this cramped little space these days because they are outside, lounging on the deck.  It's a big deck, but not a whole lot of shade yesterday.  They could definitely use some umbrellas (please refer to the previous paragraph where I mentioned my Ginertastic Hubby)!  You hang on the deck and wait for them to call your name from the little window on the side of the building (trying not to burn you winter white skin...come on, it's Spring, you're with me:)) to retrieve your bag o' burgers n' fries.

The Foods

BB has lots of options, but burgers are obviously their thing.  I wanted to show you guys what a good bleu cheese burger looked like, so I went ahead a ordered my usual.  Hubs and I split the fries because they are super yummy, but way too many in one order for one person.  Even splitting them we have leftovers!  

The burgers are just plain good, maybe not the best burger ever, but for a fast food kinda feel, the whole package does it for me.  Mine was a little overdone for my liking, but add bleu cheese to that and we are winning, big time.  I know that's my personal fav, but you might have another.  Well, they have plenty of burger options, from your run of the mill cheese burger, double and triple burgers to many more creative options...check out their menu.  Of course, they have other things for the non-burger lover, or if you just want to try something else.  Chicken sandwiches, veggie options and garlic fries.  The garlic fries seem pretty popular, although Hubs and I haven't gotten them yet...they smell REALLY garlicky.  I always see lots of people devouring them when we go.  Also, they have homemade milkshakes, malt and smoothies, which I have no idea why I did not consume the heck outta one of these yesterday.  Totally eluded me, but would've been just about the best idea ever.  Alas, next time, I will not make that mistake, and I will let you know.  
I suggest you check this place out, on a nice day works, but I would be lying if I said that Hubs and I didn't trudge out there in shin deep snow this winter to get us some Boogie Burger.  We squeezed right up in there...and we were NOT the only crazies.  The BB and BR keep it busy no matter sun or snow!!

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  1. Goose the Market is, IMO, the top spot for sandwiches in town (and their other selections aren't too shabby - amazing selection of meats, beer, etc to take home). I just wish they were closer to home.

  2. Thanks Tom! I have been seeing Goose the Market on blogs and Urbanspoon and will definitely be trying it next time I have a sammy hankering :)

  3. Have to second the Goose the Market love. I could eat a Batali every day of the week. Too bad we're seldom down that way around lunchtime...


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