Monday, April 25, 2011

Food Truck Friday...and beer tastings, oh my!

Well, hello!  Hope you all had a nice Easter weekend.  Hubs had Friday off, so we got our weekend festivities started early.  We spent the day hunting down reclaimed barn wood that my handy hubbers is going to build a bed with!!  Yeah, he's pretty amazing.  So, after that big day excursion, we were hungry, of course.

The Place
I heard a little bit about a food truck called Duos, through the grapevine.  I know this food truck thing is all the rage in some of the bigger cities, but I think it's making it's mark in Indianapolis, so I wanted to check it out.
Friday, they were parked outside the Flat 12 Bierwerks (which was also a new stop for us).  Double whammy!  It was pretty drizzly out, but we decided to venture anyway.  When we arrived, everyone in and around the truck was super welcoming and so friendly.  The customers seemed loyal and excited to be there hanging around the truck, despite the sad weather.  One visitor informed us of her vegan status and the skillz Duos has in catering to her dietary preferences.  Always nice to have veggie and vegan choices.  The truck is cute, have a look!

I also really like their slow food fast slogan, and practice.  I have been to restaurants that claim to cater to locovores, but their menus never change!!  This is not the case with Duos, and I appreciate that.  Their menu changes and they serve local food...and pretty fast.  It may have been faster had the truck not run out of gas right as we stepped up to order, but I'm not complaining.  It was still fast and Chef Becky kept us chatting while we waited for her son to deliver the gas to cook us up some food...yeah, on the spot.
The Flat 12 Bierwerks allowed us to hang and eat in their tasting room, which I thought was awesome.  Especially because they gave us 10 free tasting tickets as we walked it, so we were able to beer taste with out food truck treats.  The guys pouring the beers were friendly and informative if you wanted to know anything about the beers.  I received some friendly sarcasm about my questions, but I can dish it back!! The place has a really large tasting room and a very small bar where they fill growlers.  You can get pints here, but it's mostly for tasting as far as I could tell, so that what we did, we ate, we tasted.


I ordered the corn cakes, because, frankly, that sounded delicioso.  They came with the cup of gazpacho on the side, which I was a little confused by, but I rolled with it.  I dipped corn cakes in it, Hubs dipped his food in it, we ate it plain.  It was very fresh tasting and had a nice, cool flavor.  It was all really good.  You can see my corn cakes had this yummy spicy mayo drizzled over the top making it look pretty, but tasted good too, nice and crunch on the edges with big corn chunks reminding us of the freshness.  Looks pretty good for being served out of a truck on the side of the road, huh?!?  
Hubs got the cajun meatloaf, which I also tasted.  He liked, it, but he wasn't in love.  In his words, "it didn't change his life."  Haha.  I thought the meatloaf was really good.  It had great flavor and it kind of melted in your mouth, but I'm with Hubs for one reason.  That is the bun, I'm a bread fanatic, and this bun didn't do it for either of us.  It was distracting and too much.  Now, I can look past the bun and say that the substance, which was the meatloaf, was good, so sans bun = yum.  The fresh cut fries for me were so so.  By the time I tried them they were cold, but also a little soggy.  We'll try them again, I won't give up on this food truck :)

You can also see in the picture a sample cup of the half cycle IPA from flat 12.  We went inside the tasting room to eat our food and taste some beers.  It was strong!  And very, very IPA.  We tried almost all of the beers they had on tap in the tasting room because they gave us 5 free tasting each.  This was our first taste and both of our favorites.  I also like the Puppet Show Pale and the Amber.  They had some interesting special brews, like the Glazed Ham Porter, which had some fruits added to it and was cool to taste, but kinda, I'm not a big porter fan, so maybe you shouldn't take my otherwise outstanding opinion on this one :)  (I kid!!).

The Wrap Up 

Well, on this twofer one night, we did a pretty good job, I think.  We both had never eaten at a food truck before and I think this experience was a good first.  Friendly people make me happy and I love their enthusiasm and outlook on food.  Duos serves lunches and dinners around the city, check out their website or facebook page for details.  We also are big craft beer fans, so to be able to eat our food truck food at the Flat 12 was a nice little treat.  I have to admit though, not too many of the beers super wowed me.  I did like the Half cycle, and we bought a growler, but it was a little pricey, like $14 or something.  Not too sure how the growler will work in our house too since you have to drink it so quickly.  I might just rather have a six pack of a nice beer that won't go flat if I don't drink it all in 2 nights...  We'll have to see how that goes.  Stay tuned for another food truck adventure from this past weekend.  

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