Wednesday, April 27, 2011

More Food Truck Adventures!

Coincidentally, there was another easy opportunity for food truck eats this past weekend.  The West Coast Tacos truck was parked outside Cardinal Fitness on BR Ave. for dinner on Sunday night.  I guess this was a good idea on their part considering there were a whole bunch o' drunk people that had been doing a bar crawl for cancer for the previous 7 hours!!  That only made our walk to the truck that much more interesting.  Great people watching!

The Place

Well, just because we ate at Duos on Friday, it will be hard not to compare the food trucks and what they have to offer.  The West Coast Tacos truck is definitely bare bones.  There's no "gourmet" attached to this truck!  After our eventful walk down BR Ave. and through the drones of drunkies lining up for tacos, we got a glimpse of this truck actually open.  We have been walking by it parked there at Cardinal Fitness all winter and wondering when we would be able to get a taste.  I guess it's been building up some anticipation, so we were kind of excited to finally find out what these tacos are all about.  Has the presence of this truck been taunting you all winter too?

You can see the website for this truck is  I guess we'll have to discuss that one real quick!

The Tacos

There were just a few choices for tacos.  3 for $5 for steak or spicy pork and I think 2 for $5 for chicken teryaki tacos.  They also offer burritos, which I do have a super soft spot for, but I thought for my first trip to West Coast Tacos...I should try the tacos.  It just needed to be done.  For some strange reason, Hubs and I both ordered the same thing, steak tacos.  We didn't think about it until after we were eating them on the ledge by Jimmy Johns that we probably should've ordered different ones to share.  Ooops.  6 steak tacos we had.  I have to admit, upon looking at my tacos, I wasn't too impressed.  No cheese!!!  Now, I know it's a food truck and I am assuming this is the style of tacos in LA, but I am a cheese girl.  It was just a taco, with some stringy, luiquidy steak and onions.  At least the onions were cooked and I am okay with no lettuce, but, no cheese, it's pretty much a sin in my book.
So, with the disappointment looming, I took a bite.  I wasn't expecting much at this point.  I figured this is clearly an after bar stop, which I had already somewhat honed in on.  BUT, they were actually kind of good.  The flavor was a bit sweet and really kind of tasty considering the lack of toppings.  The corn tortillas were pretty good actually.  I was pleasantly surprised, but not completely bowled over.  They were messy to eat, but that just made it kind of fun :)  If I was out and hungry for some quick, cheap eats, I might hit this truck up again.  I have no idea what they would put on a burrito at this place!  If they have cheese in that truck for burritos and refuse to put it on the tacos, I might have to sneak in there and steal some!

Wrappin' it up

West Coast Tacos may look like a drunk truck, but my assessment is that these tacos can be consumed even when beer has not been.  It isn't pretty, but if you want some pretty tasty, messy, cheap street food, check them out.  If you're like me, and I'm totally serious here, you might want to BYOC (Bring your own cheese!!).  The only thing that would've made these better, obviously, is some cheese, some queso, amigos!!  Come're killing me WCT!  I do understand that this may not be the style of the taco...but in my humble should be.  Period.

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  1. Most true Mexican places do not serve cheese on tacos...usually just cilantro and onion.

  2. I understand completely. Don't get me wrong I love authentic food and I appreciate it, but I just have a soft spot for cheese!! If that's American bastardizing it... Gimme some more of the deliciousness that is my cheesy goodness :). Sorry, you can't help what u love!!

  3. I love the authenticity of the tacos, but I do agree, they were pumped up something fierce in the beginning. Great marketing on their end though, and I would buy again as I like the spice factor they present.


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