Friday, April 1, 2011

Butter chicken with couscous and naan

My friend Megumi made this for dinner over the holidays and it was amazing!  Then, she was so sweet and sent me the spice packs and instructions in the mail to make it myself.  So, now, three months later, I am just getting around to making it myself!!  Just a slight delayed reaction :)

First, Frank and I were out and about in BR last night and swung by the India Garden to order out some naan.  I had to do it, because it is seriously awesome.  I haven't actually eaten at this restaurant, only ordered naan to take home when cooking Indian.  You can't eat Indian food without delicious naan, right?!?  If the rest of their food compares, I am looking forward to devouring some of their other food treats.

Then, I broke out my spice packs, which I am told are acceptable for use by native Indian cooks, particularly if you don't happen to have all sorts of Indian spices lining your spice cabinet.  If yours looks anything like mine, I have way too many spices that I use twice a year already, so if I can get spices in a packet, bring it on.  Below are the ones I used for this recipe, Tandoori chicken for marinating and baking and Butter chicken for serving on top of the baked chicken.  Available at your local Indian market, which I must admit, was a little hard to find in Indy (but, I am wicked resourceful and Google rocks)!

On to the cooking...I bought chicken legs and thighs for my recipe, although I might use something different next time.  Might be better with some boneless chicken pieces??  I marinated the legs/thighs following the tandoori chicken spice pack for a couple of hours and baked 'em.  While they were baking, I sauteed some onions in butter and then added the butter chicken spices with water to them until the spices dissolved and cooked up some couscous (basmati probably would've been yummier, but I forgot to cook anything, so I needed something quicker:))  Oy, it's always something when I am in the kitchen, I'll tell you what.  Finally, after the chicken was baked, I added it to the butter chicken mixture in the pan on the stovetop and heated it all together for a few minutes.  Voila!  Done and done.  Plate it and serve it.

Regular and cheese naan.  Not homemade by me, but oh, so good.
Tonight's date night, yessssssss.  Happy Friday Fools :)  I don't really think you are fools, it just that it's April know!


  1. dang that looks sooo good! have not had good indian in a loooong time!

  2. Looks good! I have never really had Indian food but I should try it soon!!


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