Thursday, April 14, 2011

Taste Cafe and Marketplace

Erin's Rating: ★★★★★

Okay, first, I have NO PICTURES!!  Second, I am aware that this makes me the worst food blogger probably ever.  Normally if I didn't get any pictures, I just wouldn't review it, but I really want to review this place!!

The Place

It was my first time at Taste in SoBro, for lunch today.  Now, this place might not be for everyone, but let me tell you, it was for me, and it would be for you too if you know what's good for you.  It had the whole package really.  A spectacular outdoor seating area with lots of stylish people lunching.  Inside, it was modern and cute and HOLY MENU!  They had a huge board of daily specials and tons and tons of other menu items ranging from salads to sandwiches and so many delicious looking desserts I almost abandoned lunch all together.  While you wait in line to order, they entice you with all these very fresh foods, roasted beets and blueberry tarts, foods in all the colors of the rainbow.  Just pretty.

The Food (minus my attempt at pretty pictures)

As I mentioned before, the menu is pretty huge!  I only wish I could've gotten a better look at it.  It was pretty busy, the line to order was quite long, but you couldn't really see the menu until you got close to ordering.  And there was too much on the menu (I always have trouble with menus posted too high and far away for me too see them anyway) to have to be so rushed!  Despite this, I did my best.  I scanned the specials, because they were closest to me (you can't find them online, I don't think).  Wowsers, I went with the sundried tomato, broccoli and cheese quiche, but it was a hard choice.  I saw someone being served a beautiful piece of salmon on my way in and there and spied some really mouth watering salad and soup of the day choices as well.  But, since Hubs hates quiche and he wasn't there, I ordered the heck out of it.  My friend who suggested this place recommended we split the frites.  Yum.  Can you say, basil aioli dip??  Yeah, I can, and I can eat it too!  So good.  These frites were cooked perfectly and seasoned with just the right amount of salt and fresh herbs.  The quiche was also super tasty (haha, tasty quiche, at Taste...weird).  It was really creamy and the crust was flaky and buttery.  A nice portion too and served with fresh fruit or a salad, I opted for fruit.  Grapes and pineapple and granny smiths, oh my!

The Verdict

If you read the rest of this post, I think the verdict is probably obvious.  If you just jumped to this point...please get over to Taste immediately.  You won't be sorry and you will have a lunch or brunch from deliciously fresh foods and maybe you can convince yourself it's okay to have one of the amazing desserts.  I might just have to go for dessert next!  This little area of SoBro is so cute and I love the feeling.  It felt a little more grown up than BR and really tickled my foodie side.

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  1. I don't know this sounds exactly like mind kind of place, but I love love love good fries. Also, I've decided I definitely need to make more adventures to B-rip for food and not just drink. As far as the picture thing goes I laughed because I've definitely done that more than once. I still forget to take pictures of the outside of restaurants most of the time.

  2. Dude! Yeah it is probably my favorite spot in town - I'm almost guarded in telling people about it, as I don't want it to be any busier than it already is! How selfish of me. Seriously though, I'm honestly happy to see them have such success and to hear that you liked it so well.

    I love their cold case and enjoy getting some items to-go (in addition to whatever Im eating there). Great sweets, interesting 'salads' that have informed my own cooking.

    And I totally know what you mean about spying orders of other patrons and thinking they look good. Mmm, plate envy.

  3. @ Tom, dude (I love that :))!! I always think about keeping favorite restaurant secrets too, but since I am new to Indy, I also feel the pain of newbies who might not know what they are missing out I must let them know there are good places to eat and enjoy real food :) Such a conundrum!! I'll get dessert to go next time...good idea.

    @ Brent - come on down to the BR, there are plenty of treats 'round here :) Don't forget your camera though, you're gonna want it!


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