Friday, June 10, 2011

Hoping for a great weekend? Perk Up!

     On the weekends I have a hard time relaxing.  I am always about "doing something."  I don't care what that something is, but I know there are things going on out there, and I want to be a part of it.  I don't know, that's how I've always been, no time for sitting around and missing out, am I right?
     As always, I am looking forward to the weekend and constantly trying to convince someone (mostly Hubs these days :)), to participate in my shenanigans.  This is what we did for a couple hours last weekend, and it was so cool!

   Hubs found this little flea market, Syd and Harper Recycled Style.  They happened to be set up right behind Perk Up here in Broad Ripple.  I thought, what a great idea, flea market, Hubs loves, coffee and something new to try, I love.  We scored.

     If you peek into the back parking lot you can see where they had their little flea market set up.  They had all kinds of cool things to look at and buy.  Some really unique items and some awesome nostalgia pieces, like old school desks (no, really desks that were from a school, and old) and lockers that reminded me of being back in high school.  How cool would it be to have lockers in your house for storage instead of ugly totes?!?  I love it.  Definitely check out their website and see where they will be displaying the goods next.  It's a nice outing for anyone who loves unique decor and interesting people.

     Doesn't this iced coffee look so delicious with the cute little bendy straw?  I cannot resist a beverage with a bendy straw, Perk Up wins my heart with this one.  The coffee was really good too.  I didn't get a picture of the blueberry muffin we grabbed on a whim to split.  We just wanted a little something to eat while we had our coffees.  The muffins are baked on site, and man, they were really good.  Probably the best muffin I've had in a long time.  I wasn't really expecting anything out of the ordinary, it's a muffin, you know, but it was so buttery and decadent.  I love this place.  It's very cute inside, with a nice deck outside that overlooks the Monon.  A great place to sit and relax...if you can.  We didn't sit for too long...there were other things to explore on this beautiful weekend day!!!

Happy weekend, enjoy it!

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  1. this place sounds great! homemade muffins are a plus!!


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