Thursday, May 26, 2011

ChowDown MidTown

Check it out!  I, for one, am super excited about this and really looking forward to it.  If you are a food fanatic like me, you may already have the heads up, but if you missed it...I am letting you know now.  I went to only one restaurant during the Devour Downtown Indianapolis event this winter (I found out about it too late!!).  Luckily, there is another opportunity this summer in August.
What an amazing deal for either get to try a selected menu by the restaurants, posted on the ChowDown website (or on facebook), and get their special 3-course meal for $30 a person.  This is the perfect if there are some restaurants in MidTown you have been wanting to try, but haven't for whatever reason.  It's especially perfect if there are some restaurants you want to try that might cost a little more than you have been wanting to's the time to go for it.  Or, June 6th-16th in MidTown, at least :)  Chow down, kids!


  1. I'm looking forward to it too - can't wait! Anywhere in particular you are dining?

  2. I definitely want to hit Recess and thinking of a few other places that I have been wanting to go, but haven't had the chance. How about you, any suggestions? So many choices!!


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