Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I'm back! And I've been eating...surprise.

My mom was here visiting for the past week...so I was on a little hiatus from blogging.  But, not from eating, for sure!  We got our eat on...so I have some blogging to catch up on friends.

Here's a little sneak peak of our first restaurant visit.  Can you guess where we are?

We had a super fun time and even got to spend Mother's Day together, which hasn't happened in years since I am always living somewhere far, far away, not the land of Far, Far Away, just not Upstate NY.  It happened to work out this year and we got to explore Indy for the whole week, eating and walking and hiking and watching Hubs run the Mini!!  Yay, he was awesome, P.S.  So, stay tuned for our adventures while I tinker with my pictures and get myself and my house back together.  


  1. We did have the greatest time together..I love you so much, and miss you already!


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