Friday, May 13, 2011

Goose! The Market

Everytime I say Goose the Market, I think of goosing that weird?!?  Goosing someone has nothing to do with food, but it can be fun :)  I have gotten so many recommendations to go to Goose I was very excited to go while my mom was in town.  I had heard through the grapevine that they have the best sammies in Indy.  That's a big reputation to uphold, but I was up for the challenge of checking it out and determining for myself.

The PLace

This market / deli / enoteca is located on the corner of 25th and Delaware in a small little section of town we had driven around quite a few times, but never been to.  I love when little treasures pop out at you when you feel like you've discovered everything.  There's always some gem hiding away waiting to make you day.  That's what Goose the Market was for us.  It's a really cool little place.  They have all sorts of specialty items (coffees, breads, pastries, sauces, condiments) and a really diverse deli selection upstairs with local meats and cheeses galore...and then you go downstairs, where there are tons of wines and a wine and cheese tasting room as well as more specialty items neatly arranged on shelves for you to peruse and drool over.

The deli selection - fresh and local meats and cheeses...yum

Reclaimed barn wood tables...and a plethora of wine downstairs

The Foods

We went last week just for sandwiches, but they also had a small wine tasting and thai sausage street food event last night in the Enoteca that was pretty awesome.  I think they have tasting events every once in awhile, so I will be going back next time they do!  Check out their blog to find out about future events.

But, back to the sandwiches.  The place is busy so far as I have seen the two times I have been there.  Lots of people ordering meats, cheeses, gelato, drinks and sandwiches.  You just walk up to the side of the cold case and make your order.  I think the sandwich choices change from day to day with a couple of them staying more constant.  

I ordered The Cortez, which was made with a nice thick slice of pork shoulder, gruyere, lettuce, asparagus and mustard on razor bread.  I am not sure if it's actually called razor bread, but that's what they call it in deli's in New Jersey, and I think it's a fitting name.  It is my favorite kind of bread for a sandwich, but you do have to be sharp!!  This whole thing was just delicious.  I must say, not just the best sandwich in Indy, but the best sandwich I've has since New Jersey delis...and they can make a sandwich now!  Look at that pork shoulder slice, so juicy and great flavor...and local!  Does it get any better?  They had some really great choices and some yummy sodas to go along with them too.  I grabbed myself a Sprecher cherry cola that is made with Wisconsin cherry juice.  Pretty delectable.  I'm making myself hungry writing this! I'm such a dork.

So, after we were completely stuffed and done overanalyzing our lunches (my mom and I only ate half of our sandwiches, which made Hubs happy because he had a whole sandwich to himself to eat the next day at work!), we checked out their awesome little garden and compost setup on the south side of the building.  So cool Goose!

The Wrap

Run, skip, bike, walk, scoot, roll...whatever...just go.  

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  1. Could not agree more! Try the Batali. It's one of only 2 sandwiches they have every day. Hands down best sandwich I've found in Indy. And don't forget to pick up specialty items like fresh, local turkeys @ Thanksgiving!


  2. Love everything about this place. Easily the best sandwich place in the city.


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