Monday, May 23, 2011

The Monon Food Company

I am really behind on posting our restaurant visits, but I am determined to get them up!  It was over a week ago that we visited The Monon Food Company in Broad Ripple.  Last Friday there was a gallery tour around the BR, and we definitely wanted to check that out.  There were some really cool little galleries hidden around the village that we didn't know were there and some that were more obvious, but we hadn't been in.  It was a nice way to explore and it was a really great evening out too.  You can't ask for much more than that in Spring if you ask me.  We saw some interesting pieces, I actually enjoyed it more than the First Friday around Mass Ave we went to a few months ago.  After we had walked all around, we ended up outside of Monon Food, they had some outdoor seating with a minimal wait time, so we stopped in.

The Place

They have a really great location, I just love this area of Broad Ripple.  There are so many restaurants for breakfasts, brunches, lunches, dinners, desserts and drinks.  Whatever you are feeling, you can find it here. We have had hits and misses with the restaurants, but the atmosphere is always a win for me.  The Monon Food Company is located right next to the rail trail (hence the name :)) and has a really cute wrap-around porch for fantastic fresh air dining.  They serve a variety of American-style food options, but they also have a gourmet taco menu and a decent selection of craft beers by the bottle for $4 each, not bad. The style of the place is nice and open, so even if you are sitting inside this time of year, you're not too closed in.  There is plenty of seating on the deck and great opportunity for people watching.  I don't know if it was in the air with the gallery tours happening, or the random bumble bee looking for love, but we just kept making friends with all the people sitting around us, it was really a cool atmosphere and some interesting people out!  It was fun :)

Our bumblebee friend, starting conversations all over the Midwest :)
The food

Here's the rundown.  I don't know why, but I ordered bbq ribs.  I think they just sounded good to me, so I went for it.  I had mashed potatoes, which I typically think you can't go wrong with, and green beans on the side.

It may be my fault, for ordering ribs at a non-steakhouse type restaurant, but I wasn't really thinking that way before I got them.  I always like to be optimistic and just order what I am feeling like having.  It is always good to think about what the specialty might be at the place you are at, however.  Hindsight, these were not my favorite ribs.  They were just very underwhelming, but that wasn't my least favorite part of this meal.  There was something very off about the mashed potatoes.  This was confirmed by various other patrons, whom our bee friend helped us chat with.  They tasted like there may have been spoiled sour cream or something??  I didn't send them back or even say anything about it, I just ate my ribs and green beans and cursed myself for not ordering something more practical.  Oh yeah, I drank my delicious Sun King Osiris as well.  That always makes this better...much love Sun are so quickly becoming my very favorite.
Yum, Sun King in my belly
Since there is a separate menu for tacos, I'm thinking that's their thing...makes sense right?
Hubs got some Hawaiian fish tacos...good thinking on his part.  He's a very practical fellow, that Hubs.  Now, although I did not hear him scream with delight about these being the best tacos he ever laid his tastebuds on...they weren't made with rotten sour cream.  Sometimes, things really get put into perspective, eh?  He liked them just fine, overall a good experience for him.  They look pretty huh?  Lots of yummy mango gracing that plate.  He's loving to corn tortillas everywhere we go lately too!  

Wrap Up

For me, I will drink here.  I liked the vibe and the location, but the food experience was not so good.  I may be convinced to try an appetizer or something else very non-committal, but I'm not sure about that yet.  Our experience may not mesh with other's you see out there, but hey, it's all I can do...I eat and I tell it how I taste it, through my belly.  
Let's be serious, if I don't want to eat here, Hubs'll have to go on his own...we'll probably just go somewhere else.  It goes the same way for him, we bully each other to eating the places we like!  Happy Memorial Day week!  Hope you are working up to some fun weekend plans for the holiday :)  

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  1. Have yet to try them out, but this post doesn't really push me over the edge... for one, I'm still sad about the previous restaurant in this location (Hoghead's BBQ) going out of business. And if I'm on that corner, it is hard for me to pass on the Brewpub! lots of vegetarian items for my wife, great beer for me (and I can usually find a weekly special that I want to try).

  2. It is always hard to see a place you love go! I certainly encourage everyone to try places out for themselves if you have been dying to, you never know...I could be crazy (I mean, 86% of the people on Urbanspoon like this place) :) ! But, I have been to the BR Brewpub a few times and we always have a good experience there...if it's not broke, right? We need a good BBQ place around here...wish that Hoghead's was still kickin'!!

  3. Doesn't sound like i am sorry we didn't go there when i visited..don't know till you try it right.. you need to take Frank to 3 that was yummy:) Love and miss you, and all the good food we had too. i have been craving one of those pork, asparagus, greens and gruyere cheese sammies from the Goose tho...bye..

  4. the fish tacos looked tasty! and i'd like to try that beer when i visit!

  5. Dear Erin,

    I am sorry you didn't like your mashed potato choice. Our mashed potatoes do not have any sour cream in them. They are unique in the fact that they are a mix of celery root and potatoes. The celery root may not have agreed with your pallet but I assure you there was nothing sour or spoiled in them. I would encourage you to maybe give us another try and in the future if there is something you don't like, simply mention it to us and we will fix it. It's just that simple. We are very friendly here and always willing to make your experience the best it can be. We just need your help by giving us your input.


    Tim Williams
    Owner of Monon Food Co.

  6. Hey Tim,

    Thanks for posting about your restaurant. I understand everyone has different tastes and I appreciate interesting takes on common food choices such as mashed potatoes. We did really like the ambiance of the place and did have great I do encourage everyone to go to these places and try them out for themselves. These are just one girl's opinions, but I certainly do appreciate a concern for your customer's satisfaction. That doesn't come along all too often these days!

  7. Seriously - if something doesn't seem right or tastes not as you expect, you should bring it up with the waitstaff. If they are uppity or don't offer something else or just say "sorry", then throw them under the bus on the internet. If you don't say anything and don't let them try to fix it - start the blame with yourself.


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