Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mug n' Bun

We ended up at Mug n' Bun when we were on the West side the other weekend watching the Human Powered Vehicle Challenge at the Indy 500 track.  Hubs' cousin, JM, goes to Rose-Hulman and was racing the bike his team constructed, pretty cool!  The rest of his family were in Indy from WV and we decided Mug n' Bun seemed like a good lunch spot.  

Mug n' Bun (cute name), is a really cool little drive-in spot.  It's very old school and makes you feel like you are time-warped to the 50s or 60s.  I was into it when we drove up, they even had a sweet little sign directing you toward the joint...and a Jukebox!  

THe foods

We sat under the pavilion and when we were ready to order, we pushed the little button to summon the waitress.  Unfortunately, she did not roll out on skates!  The menu said they had homemade root beer, I'm not usually a fan of root beer, so I declined.  Everyone else at the table partook in the foamy goodness they were offering up, however.  Man, I sure did miss the boat on that one!!  Check out this tasty looking beverage.  It tasted as good as it looks...and that's coming from someone who shuns root beer always!  It was topped with a nice foam that could leave you with a satisfying mustache and the drink was smooth, not like Dr. Pepper, that to me is kind of harsh and too peppery.

The food is of the fast food variety, but doesn't totally fit into that category for me.  It tastes better than fast food, sure it's fried and greasy and it's burgers, hots dogs and fries, but nothing had the frozen patty feel or taste of McDonald's or the like.

Check our bounty!!!

                            I decided on the tenderloins sandwich.  I think this is some sort of Indiana specialty...sorry if that is uninformed...I am still new to the place!!  Anyway...sounded delicious and got me away from my burger fascination.  I also couldn't resist scoring some cheese sticks.  I like to get these at various places too and try to find the best ones (#1 so far, Arthur's in Cincy)...best beer battered cheese sticks...ever!  Hubs ordered himself a hotdog and some fries...pretty standard.  

I can't comment about his dog...I'm sure it was your average diggity.  But, my tenderloins sammy was pretty dang good, lightly breaded and super juicy.  This place has got it...for fast food, I only want to come here!  The cheese sticks were whatever, but just for the root beer...and the jukebox, I'd come back.    

The Wrap

Totally cool atmosphere, jukebox and retro signage.  Better than fast food, fast food and homemade root beer.  This place is a keeper.  Cool little joint...we'll be back, fo' sho.

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  1. Cute lil place...somewhat like A&W maybe?

  2. You made me laugh with the comment "your average diggity..."

  3. Tenderloins are very much a Hoosier phenomenon. People will go almost anywhere to seek out a good hand-breaded one that hangs off the bun but still has thickness. There are several around Im wanting to try.

  4. Mug n Bun is a classic - I love it when there's some sort of a cruise night / auto event going on. Breaded tenderloins are definitely something that Hoosiers are a bit nutty for... for my taste, the one at the mug n bun can have its butt whooped by some of the others in town (for example, that one always appears to be so regularly shaped that I suspect it isn't hand-pounded and comes from a freezer). Here's another member of my food blog IE Favorites - http://breadedtenderloin.wordpress.com/

  5. Please tell me you got the onion rings.. PLEASE!? This is mine and my husbands date night spot in the summer. We go and pig out at Mug n Bun... OH THE ONION RINGS!!! And then we go to the Drive in at tibbs.

  6. @Brent & Tom, thanks for getting me in the know about the tenderloins...now I am very curious!! I will have to investigate this further!

    @Leslie - I did not get the onion rings, but I will next time. The cheese sticks aren't worth getting again, so having something new to try on a recommendation is perfect. And...I really want to have a go at the drive-in. I love them, there just aren't enough around these days, so I'm glad we have one here in Indy :) Great date night...


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