Wednesday, May 18, 2011


My mom and I went to Taste, because I couldn't resist taking her's one of my favorites in Indy so far.  Just wanted to post quickly about our breakfast, the good and the bad...and post some pictures!  You can visit my previous Taste post for more info about the place :)

The food and the pics

We decided on the egg sandwiches and a vanilla latte. My mom ordered the same thing, but one of us got fruit and one got homefries.  I know, we good like that.  Now, here's the good, those dang homefries were bangin'!  They were really, really good.  My perfect homefry actually, crunchy on the outside, squishy on the inside, perfectly salted and totally bite-sized goodness.  We housed 'em.  But, the sammy, unfortunately, wasn't my favorite.  There were a couple of things that troubled me about it.  1.  It was too eggy, with not much flavor...just a ton of egg in your mouth.  2.  A couple of bites resulted in me almost having to spit it out, it was so salty!  3.  They are huge and I don't think an egg sandwich is usually all that reheated...we should've split one for the both of us.  So, overall, not even close to my favorite breakfast sandwich.  The fruit was fine, although the chunks of melon could be a little smaller so I could fit them in my mouth...and I don't really have a small mouth, so they must be big!!

Moving on, and trying to recover from salt saturation, we scored us some vanilla lattes.  I asked to have mine less sweet than they usually make them, because that is typically a good bet for me with lattes.

Check out this awesome looking beverage!  What a cute presentation.  I wanted to say to the waiter, "Um, excuse me, I ordered a LARGE latte."  But, I refrained, because I wasn't sure he would get my random humor...what can you do?  Anyway, not only did this latte look amazing, and have a super yummy little meringue cookie served with it, it TASTED really good.  Maybe the best latte I have had in awhile.  I was happy and redeemed.  I forgot about my sandwich and focused on the perfect, creamy caffeine bomb in front of me.  It made me happy and I drank the whole dang thing, awwww yeah.

The wrap up

Now, I'm not gonna get hasty and condemn Taste for this experience.  Overall, it was good.  Our waiter was super friendly, the whole Taste experience was good.  We loved our lattes, and I don't think my mom had as much of a problem with the salty as I did.  So, maybe I'm crazy...I don't know, I speak what I eat.  At any rate, I'll be going back, for sure.  Still love Taste, just don't love the egg sammies, plenty of other things on that menu!

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  1. We recently tried Taste for breakfast and found the same issues with the egg sandwich. It looks GREAT, but taste.... it was underwhelming. Not only that but it was served with a dill aioli (if memory serves). It only served to make the sandwich greasy. On the other hand, the breakfast burrito was insanely good. The chorizo was bright and fresh and everything melded beautifully. Too bad we didn't try the homefries as yours certainly look wonderful.



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