Sunday, May 1, 2011

Rene's Bakery Brekky

I've seen Rene's Bakery while wandering around Broad Ripple and I have read a couple of things about it.  It looked quaint and the reviews made it sound amazing, so of course, I must see for myself because brekky is one of my favorites.  I can't resist a deliciously carbby baked good!

I happened to be out early one morning and thought I would surprise Hubs with some treats.  Pretty sure he would still be snoozing when I got back, but what better to wake up to than some fresh baked delights!?!

I got these puppies to split.

Strawberry danish

Blueberry and cream cheese danish

The blueberry and cream cheese danish was to die for.  The pastry was buttery and croissant-like, and the blueberries were surrounded by a sugary glaze over the cream cheese filling.  Magnifique!  The strawberry danish had a similar pastry, buttery and flaky...and they both look super darn pretty, for sure!  The strawberry danish could've used a little more filling.  It seemed like it might have cooked out or snuck away somewhere.  I will forgive it and I will definitely be trying other things from this bakery.  I saw a rack full of fresh baked breads while I was in there, which will likely be my next purchase.  I love fresh baked breads and can't wait to try theirs.

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  1. This is a must for me... You know me and my doughnuts!!

  2. was soooo good. You will never eat another pastry from Panera again!!

  3. Looks very yummy!!!

  4. CooCoo for Rene's - there aren't many things in their case that I don't love... we worked with them on our wedding cake and it was next-level good (flourless chocolate torte). Always glad to see them getting some press. -Tom


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